Brain Health

Get rid of Bad Habits for a Healthy Brain Functioning


Bad habits can spoil your health in many ways. If you have bad habits and that is not clicking you then follow certain tips that can help you switch to a healthy lifestyle brain is one such vital organ of the body that operates it functioning everyday. For a healthy brain, you must avoid unhealthy habits.

  1. Stop munching Every Now and Then: Snacking is a bad habit as your body will lose its natural hunger touch. Unnecessary urge to eat will spoil the healthy digestion process and make the metabolism weak. This can lead to chronic eating and result to health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes and affect the brain memory as well. If you bring a good control on your munching habits then you can stay fit, healthy and in shape. The control over the intake of unhealthy Trans-fat also helps to improve the memory power of the brain. Pay attention to your hunger signals and eat only when you are actually hungry
  1. Avoid Visiting Polluted Areas: A good supply of oxygen is necessary for your brain to functioning in a healthy manner. If you intake polluted air, it means you are consuming harmful chemicals and pollutants. This eventually means you are spoiling your brain’s functioning. Try to spend your time in environmental area. Do not go in the traffic or the factory zone where the risk of pollution is more.
  1. Do not skip workout: For a healthy body, a regular workout is a must. You need to perform at least 30 minutes of workout every day. A good exercise also helps your brain for regular functioning. It keeps the brain active and contributes in mental sharpness. A daily workout with meditation or yoga of at least 15-20 minutes can reduce stress and improve the blood circulation to the brain and eventually boost up the mood.
  1. Don’t be Couch Potato: Often people prefer spending their long week simply by sitting in front of TV. It means you are killing your brain every second. Avoid spending too much time sitting in front of TV. Instead have some chit chat with your friends, family member and go for a walk too. Indulge yourself in some other hobbies that involve brain activity. Sitting in front of TV may cause memory loss problem.
  1. Smoking: Nicotine intake for people who have insomnia is only good to a certain level. People should always avoid consuming nicotine or any high dose drug as there are harmful effects associated with it. Smoking has always been bad for health. Excess smoking shrinks the brain cell and affects it. It may also result to Dementia. That is why stop smoking and live a healthy life.
  1. Control your mood swings and Kick off the Stress: Stress can have many issues. Of course it is no body’s habit to get stressed out but people who tend to have mood swings are often stressed and this is not good for brain. An over stressed body is prone to slow digestion, low immunity and high rise of BP and blood sugar which affects the brain development and sleep apnea as well and asked to buy modafinil for narcolepsy. It also results to issues like Insomnia or Narcoplasy for which the treatment options are quite expensive.
  1. Don’t be only an Internet Savvy: Your brain needs some activity to stay alert and functioning. If you make yourself aloof from other people or stay away from social networking, it can result to memory loss. You need to socialize yourself. Instead of talking over internet or mobile phones, meet your colleagues and friends personally. This will make your brain sharper and protect it from psychosocial disorders.

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